Am a beginnerr in PHP but am presently working on a reporting software that should enable different staff to submit there report.

Areas i need help.

1) There are 7 companys that will submit there report on this software.
need to know how the database will be structured.

2) How do i create a log in that direct people to where there form is directly?

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You may try using a drop down list for company names.
Make a single form for all seven companies.
Make a login form for all useraccounts...
Now create a new database and connect to it (depends which database you are using)
Create tables for user accounts and company information saparately.
Use "insert into" satatements and "POST" method to fetch the information to database.
Make saparate pages to show the Company reports information.
Now require login to access company information and profile.
use require


like statement to ensure that user may not access pages without


After all this to fetch info from database, 
Use SQL join table statements to join login credentials and company information and reports. 
I think that would be fine If you use OOP based structure rather than procedural one.

After all this to fetch info from database,

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SHow your code so far, otherwise we're just doing your work for you.

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