I am getting this "Notice: Undefined index: id" error message for my login system. I have tried several things to fix this but i have had no luck, i have used the most obvious solution, the isset function but i have had no luck. Please help.

This is the error message... Notice: Undefined index: id in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/project/functions.php on line 6. The code for the functions page is below, if i need to include other pages please let me know.

Thanks in advance


function is_logged_in(){
    if($_SESSION['id'] or $_COOKIE['id']){
        if($_COOKIE['id'] and !$_SESSION['id']) $_SESSION['id'] = $_COOKIE['id'];
        return $_SESSION['id'];
        return false;
function redirect_if_logged_in(){
        echo 'You are logged in. Redirecting!!';
function redirect_if_not_logged_in(){
        echo 'You are not logged in. Redirecting!!';

function redirect2home(){
    die('<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="5; URL=personal.php">');


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Is your session ID set? try echoing for the value first if your really getting it.your file should start with a session_start() function for your session variable to work try adding it at line 2

try to use isset(), to check if there is a value assign to $_SESSION

 if(isset($_SESSION['id']) or isset($_COOKIE['id'])){
 // do whatever you want

can i say, have you set the session.

where do you have your start_session() function?? it has to be the first thing you do before anything else, so before you are including this php in any file.

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