Hai friends,

I am very confused this task. please help me.
if five banners are stored in one location , I want to displayall the banners simultaniously in my application.

How to rotate the webpage top banner ? In my application i am getting the immage details using database.

Please send me any idea.

Here's a rough idea of one way you can do it.

function change($current_banner)
  $number_of_banners = 5;
  if ($current_banner < $number_of_banners)
      $current_banner = 0;
  return $current_banner;
function get_filename($current_banner)
  select $current_banner
     case 1:
       $filename = "thebannername.jpg";


//Display the banner

//Get filename
$filename = get_filename($current_banner)
//Use filename in HTML
echo "<img src=\"" . $filename . "\">";
//Go to next banner
$current_banner = change($current_banner);

Thanks for your replay