I have a large MYSQL / PHP in a while loop report being run and in many cases the report times out due to the large amount of data being calculated.

Is there a way to make have a div displaying "Processing" when the while loops is calculating and if the report is completed , a div "complete" is displayed.

For example: The calculation are not complete because the variable $totals are not displayed. It is only when $Total is a rational value then "Completed" is displayed.

Many Thanks in advance!

<body id="dt_example">
<div "Processing">
    while($noticia = mysql_fetch_array($query)) { // Very long mysql query , query usually times out in this loop. Div "Processing" shown
        $Total +=$subtotal;

    echo "Totals: ".$Total; //when this is executed , the report is succesful and div "Completed " is displayed
    echo "<div Completed>";


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First of all, mysql_* has been depreciated, consider using pdo/mysqli_*
Based on the situation, I will probably using ajax to retrieve the data for time consuming data. Example, I will start with the div with "loading data...", then when data finished loaded using ajax, simply replace the content of that div. If the data context is too large, I will even break the queries into part(example by pages/limit).

In addition to everything @lps says, can you have sql do some of the work in calculating the results you need? You show $total which could likely be calculated from a sql query using aggregate functions like SUM(), etc. MySQL is often much better optimized for generating totals than doing it via PHP.

You should switch from using table to using divs.

When you use a table the browser doesn't show the table until it gets to the </table> tag. If you use divs as soon as one record is parsed from mysql you get it shown on your website.

You can also set_time_limit(0) while you are generating this so it doesn't time out.

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