Seriously, I don't know how to use in MVC, any one how to use in MVC?

any comment is appreciated.

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I know how.

Depends how you want to architect/tier this though - any thoughts?

Also what database are you using and do you want to use stored procedures?

Finally what is your level of programming skill and which language do you want this in?

MySQL and C# sir.

but now I am using MSSQL.

my programming skills is above average.

Here is my Insert Command: in C# and MySQL.

MySqlConnector c = new MySqlConnector("server=server;uid=root;pwd=pwd;database=database");
MySqlDataAdaptor d = new MySqlAdaptor();
string q;
DataTable t;

q="insert into product (id, name, price) values (null,'"+txtName.Text
t = new DataTable();
d.SelectCommand = new MySqlCommand(q, c);

I can't access to that site Sir. Dave, Maybe my country is block from this that site. :(

Really? What happens? Which country are you in?

now.png Philippines

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