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I've searched in the ASP.Net and AJAX forums but I can't see any matches to this issue. The reason I'm posting in the ASP.NET forum is that the Error is being caused by my ASP.NET designer page.

Myself and another developer are both working on different parts of a web project. We are supposed to have a standard build of the same OS and we are both using Visual Studio 2013 Premium Update 4. We have both downloaded and installed the same AJAX tool kit. We have the same references (same solution) etc. But when I add an AJAX control to a webpage, (any type of AJAX control script manager or Update panel etc.) I get an error from the designer saying something like Type System.Web.UI.WebControls.UpdatePanel is not defined When My fellow developer adds a control on his machine the reference in the designer points to **System.UI.UpdatePanel ** and if I alter my designer page by hand to the same namespace, it works but then if I make any change to the ASP.net page, the designer page is regenerated with the wrong reference. We have checked everything we can and we are using the same versions of everything we know.

Does anyone have an idea what is causing this?

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Does this fix help perhaps?

I've looked at that post and no it doesn't work... What is weird is if I start a brand new project and just keep it simple with one page, an update panel and some controls evrything works 100% it references the correct namespace in the designer and runs first time. So it seems to be peculiar to this project on my machine. We have therefore set up a new project and added all the previous pages to it. So far so good but still annoyingly unexplained.

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