Hello all.. I m currently having confusion on applying barcode scanner to scan tools in asp.net..
can anyone help me out with the codings? and kindly tell me the way to use scanner in asp.net (vb)

thanku u :)

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Small world. OK, I never had to install ANY tools to receive codes from the barcode reader. All our barcode readers looked like keyboard input. Which is a GRREAT THING since if the barcode reader is dead or can't read they can type in the code.

So with that out of the way, can you take input from the user?
If yes, you can use a barcode reader.

1) Decide which value you want to show as barcode, like say ITEM CODE
2) You can use font for displaying on report/page to display code in barcode format
3) for eg. if your code is LIKE XYZ3949, you need to encapsulate it with asterisk mark ,
XYZ3949, and display its using any barcode font, eg. 3of9 format font
4) display large size and clear barcode size, so that its captured very well by reader.

ok.. thank you :) is there any codings involved?? in scanner

is there any codings involved?? in scanner

Usually not. If you have a keyboard wedge scanner as rproffitt said, you can only configure them if you need to. You can set it to end with CRLF for example, but in most cases you don't need to change this.

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