I would like to develop a web-based Disaster Management System but don't know where to start.

Possible features may include:

  • Situation Awareness
  • Missing Person Registration
  • GIS (or google map)

Suggestions and ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Web Development (PHP, MySQL)

I use WAMP as my development platform.

No experience in integrating GIS.

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This is all a little vague isn't it? You need to have clear aims and objectives. Target audiences. Don.t start with ooh that would be nice. Once you have a clear idea of what you want, then you can start designing and developing.

The proposed system would be for the provincial disaster coordinating council.

The system would include the following:

  • Registration of disaster including location & other details
  • Registration of missing & found people (with description + image)
  • Geo-location of evacuation centers (registered or not) with max capacity
  • Population of each area
  • Population of affected area

The system would run both on PC or mobile (I used bootstrap for initial development)

Any suggestions will be appreciated for the project's improvement.


what kind of contruibution do you need exactly? You said you used bootstrap?

Does it mean your done with the coding?

You should use google maps for your GIS they have a good api.

Just the basic parts, login and home page, no links whatsoever yet.

Can you give me links of an institution that employ a DMS or sort of?

Advice on using Google map will be very helpful.

I am using localhost by the way (WAMP).

Coded just the initial parts (login & main page only), no other links yet.

Perhaps, advice on Google map API, using it in a localhost, since I am using WAMP. I really have no experience on using that in developing a web system.

You can learn how to use google maps here

It would work on wamp provided your computer is connected to the internet.

What would be better, to use GIS software (ArcGIS) or Google maps.

Someone suggested GIS but idk if it works with WAMP.