I have been trying to google and find out how to make a .php script that will make a an automatic slideshow of images from a folder, I've only managed to get the pictures to automatically show up on the php page, but I can't figure out how to make them slide one by one, like a slideshow.

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Yes, agreed with @coreyavis and @diafol, you should probably research on the topic of turning images into javascript slider instead of 'php slider'. php only help to get the images and display it. The sliding effect, the time interval etc will all being control at client side(javascript) instead of server side(php).

And, if you facing any issue while implementing the conversion of images into slider using JAVASCRIPT, please do post at relevant area.


He he - my apologies. It is indeed on js - not sure why it popped up on php for me. Hope you get some bites.

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