CODE 1 <input name="input_19" value="Job Seeker" id="choice_19_1" tabindex="19" type="radio"></input>

CODE 2 <input id="register_role_job_seeker" type="radio" checked="" value="Job Seeker" name="register_role"></input>

Iwant to have code 1 two changed to be code 2, through assigning it in an if statement that i want to place in the functions.php , so that values that are selected with the code 1 are stored as values that would have been stored with code 2.

Hi. I shouldn't speak for everyone but I think the reason this has lingered so long is people don't understand what you mean by changing the code. Do you want something to happen instantly or after some kind of form submission? If instantly, that will probably require some javascript. If after a form submission, that's a matter of passing data that the target script can use to find out what was selected. Also, your mention of functions.php makes me think you're talking about WordPress and if that's the case, you should mention it.

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