Hello Everybody,
My previous discussion is about php function with no argument.My present discussion will be highlighted about the function that uses argumwnt
when we call a function like Function newFunction(), we can write any agrgument in this area().

Now we will set a viriable as argument and later assaign a value of it


Function newFunction($a)

now I will assaign a statement

Function newFunction($a){

echo "{$a} Everybody";


Finally I will assaign a value of the argument $a

Function newFunction($a){

echo "{$a} Everybody"



// here "Hello" is the value of $a and the output will be Hello Everybody

My next discussion will be about multi argument of function

Thanks for watching


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FFS STOP nobody needs this crap, there are accurate tutorials for those who need them, every post you make is inaccurate
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It seems from your code that you don't know much about functional programming either. So what is your question exactly ?


He's trying to provide a tutorial by the looks of it. This is truly horrible. @shuvobd71 - please learn the basics of php first and if you intend posting a tutorial, at least make sure that you've spellchecked the text.


You have to have a lot of skill, before you attempt to write tutorials
most people: not game to post tutorials
Answering specific questions, not a problem.
can't go from "what is html" to "I am guru" in a year, there are real gurus here, they have blue tags.
read, practice, ask, learn, It will come
someday somebody asks a question, you know the answer, and everything appears in your head; indexed, its there, you can think with it,
Like learning any spoken language, the people who speak it laugh off your first attempts

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