How to add Sub menus in menu item.Main Menu item is Horizontal, Sub menu item are also getting Horizontal but i wont Menu item are Horizontal and Sub menu items are vertical

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Can you clarify your question. Are you using an ASP.net control to build your menu items? Or are you building the menu items with plain HTML?

Have you tried to apply any styling to customize the placement of the menu items?

Here is an example of a simply navigational menu with sub-menu items. Take a look, feel free to use it and adapt it to your needs. The menu item is built and styled with CSS. No JavaScript.

Multi-level Navigation Menu with CSS

thanq sir,
    I am using ASP.net control to build my menu items not css,pls give suggestion how to add menu items by using asp.net controls.

I am the beginner of asp.net.I have Problem at designing part Plese suggest me how to designe and code for Menu's and Sub Menu's.


You'll probably get more help from various community members if you give it a try first. Do some research, then write some code. If you have an issue, post a link to your site, or relevant code that you are having trouble with.

I would love to help you in greater detail, but you have to understand that you havent provided much information and its unlikely that anyone is going to write the code for you.

If you are interested in using the menuitem control, the best place to start for documentation is MSDN.

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