Im working with WordPress right now and this plugin - - I also have the jQuery version too.

I have 20 categories on a page. Its tabs then when you click the tabs a new video player loads with a seperate video. The only issue is I have 20 "video players" on my site. The videos are taking a bit to load, I cant have that since i am turning it into a paying membership site. My friend was saying load the videos with ajax so i wont have to worry about using 20 video players?

Also the videos are not hosted on my server.

Any ideas, thoughts?


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THe player looks really nice, but I fail to see why you're loading 20 instances of the video player at a time. The way it usually works is to create a playlist of some description. The playlist is usually a scrollable sidepanel to the player itself. However, it's a trivial matter to show thumbnails (with titles etc) and get the main player to load a video on thumb click. With a specific youtube player you can usually just swap out the url via vanilla js. I don't think you'd actually need Ajax.

<a href="#" title="some title or other" data-id="sye364h2" data-source="youtube" ><h4>Some Title</h4><img src="somethumb.jpg" /></a>

If you had something like the above, all you'd need is some js to swap the info from the link to the player. I've not used this particular player, so I can't comment, but there may even be a built-in mechanism to do this.

I didnt know what else to do..I am having a free trial, the trial has ads...and a paid membership which doesnt...Both the trial and the paid membership have the exact same videos, everything execpt for the trial that has ads. He was saying something about Vanilla.js also. Honestly I am lost, I work with wordpress, and HTML/CSS templates and customize those.

Im going to host the videos on Amazon S3, not youtube...Thanks very much for your help man, apprecaite it

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vanilla js is just referring to normal plain javascript.

Thanks...I also have the jQuery version that I can always upload to my Amazon S3 bucket. Where do I go from here to reduce the amount of video players I use? - I would also like to learn this myself, does anyone know of any tutorials?

Thanks for the tutorial man!...The amazon s3 part I can figure out. Its the loading of the video(s) im having trouble with.

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Could you show the embed code (if any) that you get with S3?

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