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I have a e-commerce website that is live and now i want to upload that live store in sub-directory for the purpose of development. Live sote is like www.abc.com now i want to copy this store to www.abc.com/dev/v2/ I copy all the files in this new directory and upload same tables in new database, now the proble is when i open this link www.abc.com/dev/v2/ it redirect me to 404 page it thinks that its the controller of www.abc.com . Now how i can access this folder because i have created some other folder and get the same result. Is this is due to .htacces file? or some settings in prestashop admin panel? I test this on my local server and its working fine just causing an issue on live domain. I seraced on interent but didn't get success.


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did you migrated properly?

these are the steps

  1. copy all files from oldHost to my HardDrive
  2. copy all files from HD to newHost
  3. create new db on newHost
  4. create db user on newHost with all needed rights
  5. edit settings.inc in config dir
  6. export all mysql data from oldHost in sql format
  7. run exported sql code in newHost

did you edit settins.inc??

you should also do this - Before moving the database, edit the sql file and replace text http://www.myoldhost/ to http://www.mynewhost/ - in this case your new host is the folder orsubdirectory you are migrating to.

If there are problems

add write permissions

Write permissions on files and folders:
Write permissions on folders and subfolders/recursively:

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