When my servlet creates a session, even if it is the first time running the servlet, the session.isNew() returns false. I checked to make sure the session ID's are different each time I run it and they are, yet isNew() still returns false.

I'm trying to do the following in my servlet:

HttpSession session = request.getSession(true);
if (session.isNew())
                ...do something...

It never gets into that if statement because it always returns false :S

Any help would be appreciated.

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First of all when you have questions such as this, always search the API.



From the create session method, you see that it doesn't always create a new session. That call is the same as the no argument getSession() . The only difference is when you enter false. Then if there is no session it returns null.
But if you put true, it will not create a new session if one already exists.

I know that the above might no solve your problem because I just quoted the API, but have you tried running the session.invalidate() method first?


yeah I have tried running that first, however the problem has been solved. Thank you for posting.

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