Hi im wondering if someone can help me i have a checkbox options to choose more than one item and ive done the html bit one the registration page for the php i have this bit that i think needs to go in the profile page but when i do that i get the following

you have selected:

if(!empty($_POST['check_list'])) {

 //for each Loop to display checkbox items.
 foreach($_POST['check_list'] as $value) {
 echo "<h3>".$value ."</h3>"; 

 echo "<h3>No checkbox option is selected.</h3>";

and if i put in in the register page i get the following:
option1 << which have been changed due to the adult options

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/jktempla/public_html/registration3.php:13) in /home/jktempla/public_html/registration3.php on line 69

What would the solution to this be ty jan x

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option1 << which have been changed due to the adult options

WHat has this got to do with the question? Is this having some sort of effect?

Include the code before and after as we have no clue what's going on. Do you have a redirect header() somewhere? Which lines are 13 and 69? I bet you didn't include one (or both) of them.

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