hello guys, i am creating a web site with webform. First i created a login page when i click button i go homepage.And i added logout button in homepage, when i click going login page but if i click internet back button(arrow <-) i go homepage again. I didnt solve this problem , please help thanks !

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You need to give more detail. What methods are you using for the log in (Off the shelf package? your own design?)? How are you storing if the user is logged in or not? Maybe post some code?

For example if you use a session variable to hold if the user is logged in or not, then your log off routine should wipe the variable and every page should check for the variable. If it can't access the variable then redirect to logon screen.

I am agree with Waddell,please provide more details we cannot assume anything. provide your designer window and error message

Do you want to restrict pages. Please illustrate more on you problem.

can u post ur code and error (if got)?

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