I am new to this concept. I have website in local and it has home,aboutus, testimonial and contact pages.
In an index page(home page), I want to display whole page view in single div. Wherever I am clicking something, it has to display there also. How to do?

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This is probably the 'big page' scroller you're referring to. I recently set up my own business site: http://www.ardpont.co.uk using a ready made template. It certainly saved me a couple of days. There are many "free" template sites out there. The one I used was http://www.templategarden.com/ I'm not in any way affiliated with this site nor do I endorse it - it's just there as an example. Is that the sort of thing you were after?

From my understanding i think what you need is an iframe. Using an iframe you can link to other parts of the site. So you would have the iframe in the div.

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AH, ok I think toby may have got the idea. Instead of an iframe which has no idea of the dimensions of the data it's holding - so can't resize dynamically, you're proobably looking for include files.

Most hosts will allow SSI (server-side includes) even if they don't offer a server-side language such as PHP or a flavour of ASP.

If you have a local server e.g. Apache with PHP as server-side language, this is relatively easy. There are many, many different ways to do this. This is just a simple one:


Your index.php page could be a simple one like this:

    $page = 'home';
    $title = 'My homepage';
    $othertitles = ['contact'=>'My contact page','about'=>'My about page'];
    if(isset($_GET['page']) && in_array($_GET['page'], ['contact','about']))
        $page = $_GET['page'];
        $title = $othertitles[$page];
//css, maybe js, meta data etc
    <div id="banner">...</div>
    <div id="page">
    <? include "pages/$page . ".php" ?>

This would mean your urls from the menu:

'contact' = 'index.php?page=contact'
'about' = 'index.php?page=about'
'home' = 'index.php'

These can be "re-written" very nicely with Apache mod rewrite to:

'contact' = '/contact'
'about' = '/about'
'home' = '/'
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