Hello Daniweb Community,
It has recently come to my attention that my website does not load on iPhone's, my website is (also I'm not trying to advertise) http://twisteddigital.com.au. So could someone help me with this problem, I've tried searching around for a little bit but couldn't find anything.

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I've fixed those errors, however what could testing it on Safari do? The persons phone I was looking at it on also had Chrome which I tried and also tried using Incognito mode and it still didn't work. I even got my friend to try it and it didn't work.

I'll install Safari anyway and have a look, but I really need to find the problem with why this is happening as it's my business website and I don't want customers to turn away.

F.Y.I Everywhere else I've tried it, it works. Like my Android phone, several computers, I think I've even tried it on my PS4.

Ok I got no where to download it and I'm not downloading it from an unofficial website, or some archive website. So I'll just ask my friend to try it on his phone.

Well according to my friend, it works. Can a couple simple/small errors like that stop it from working on iPhone's?

Ok, so I just got my other friend to try it and it doesn't work on his phone. For one friend it works, and the other it doesn't.

@OP, now back at the office so I was able to try it on an iPhone 5s. And I'm getting 3 bouncing green ping pong balls. Off to google to see what that means but you should write more than it doesn't work. If you see anything, then report that to speed things along.

As to your question about trying it on Safari, I think you will understand why you do that test soon enough.

What's next? Go over your code and check each line out at http://caniuse.com/

Me? I'm going to google what the 3 bouncing balls mean. Hope I find a better explaination that the 3 seashells (Demolition Man.)

@OP!!! I notice I can see "HAVE A DREAM" when I rotate the iPhone. So my thoughts changed from the 3 bouncing balls being a clue to your site is doing something odd on the small screen. Back to caniuse.com and testing on Safari with a small view window.

Also, I see the same thing on Firefox on a Windows PC so whatever you are doing works on both PC and iPhone now identically.

The bouncing balls show when it's loading. So do you mean it's now working?
I'm going to try that website out now, and I'll get back to you.

I've had a look at the website but I'm not sure what to do.

@OP, the bouncing balls went for more than 30 seconds so I took it as a failure. One more time?

OK, at 60+ seconds on a fairly fast connectio, Firefox and just 3 bouncing balls. Your site looks broken from here.

In Firefox's debugger it tells me it's stuck in some recalculating style loop. Looks like the site is non-op right now.

So how do I go about fixing this?

Since I don't know your code, you can try going back to what worked. Since I happened to have the target machines I thought I'd look to see what's up. I find many times it's simple issues W3C tosses out. The bouncing balls is for you to debug next as the last I looked it failed on all machines.

I think I might know where to start, I might try deleting the current loading script and trying a new one.

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