I have started learning javascript and am currently at an entry level.
I have tried other languages like C++, C#, maybe python a little. all at a beginners level.

point is - I guess I get the basic handle of things.

question is - where can I write code that will be of any use for someone who needs it? with or without pay - I dont care.
where can I contribute project-wise in order to learn better myself?

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What exactly do you want to do? In which area of "coding" would you like to work? Are you into web dev? If so, client or server side? Or both?

An example - I like server-side (PHP/Databases), but I dabble in client-side when I absolutely have to. I'd never apply for a front-end job, it doesn't really appeal to me and I probably don't have the skills.

A good place to contribute is a forum, like Daniweb. OK, the amount of help you'd impart may be low level and limited to small snippets maybe, but it's surprising what you learn when you supply a good solution, only to be shown a better way.

You can certainly create your own projects and host then on something like GitHub and ask people to join/fork your project. Even fork somebody else's project.

If you manage to get together with some friends (online or real-life), perhaps you could come up with a collaborative project. That's good fun.

Payment is a tricky one. Before somebody will give you money, they expect to see evidence of past work, e.g. portfolio. Almost anybody can set themselves up as a web designer/developer and get some flavour of work even though the market is ridiculously competitive.

I'm sure there will be more views on this...

i'm currently not into anything specific. Web dev seems alright and i'm willing to work on it. full stack sounds hard but good.
Thanks alot for the comment I'll try and help on minor things around here and maybe try and join with people at GitHub alltogether.

thanks again.