In a page, I have a table with user entering field.
There are 4 fields, first three are user entering fields and the fourth field is auto calculating of the first three fields,if the user leaves a field the total field showing NaN. How to solve this problem?

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NaN means not a number.

Solve this by showing us your code and we can then show you how to fix it.

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Once again Antony, you lead off without showing your code. It seems we have to pry it out of you. Please, pretty please with sprinkles on top: show your code - you're more likely to get help. Describing the form says nothing. Where's the js? Ah, it's up to us to guess? Sorry if that sounds a bit sarcastic, but we really need to sort this out.

function calcTotal(a,i,j)
    c = parseInt(a);
    h = document.getElementById('Hvalue'+i).value;
    document.getElementById('Hvalue'+i).value = c;
    d = parseInt(h)+parseInt(a);
    document.getElementById('Hvalue'+i).value = d;

    document.getElementById('total'+i).value =  d;

    document.getElementById('stuid'+j).readOnly = true; 
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Not sure what this is supposed to be doing.

Surely you just need to add the values?

Show your markup too. This is trying to get blood out of a stone Antony. Patience is a virtue but I'm running on empty.

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