I am a beginer of PHP. Which Version of apache is compatible with php 5.0?? which one for php 4.0??
I want to setup manually php for apache both of these versions. How can i proceed?? :-|

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I've not tried php5 on my local server yet. But I did try php 4.x.x on Apache 1.x or 2.x. No problem at all. My question is what is your operating system?

Anyway you can try the following link


A plenty of useful tutorials on Windows and Linux are there.

Hope it helps.


I've a question here, once I installed PHP5, Apache2 and mySQL 4,15 on a WinXP environment, the PHP scripts work fine but whenever I have errors on my PHP scripts it doesn't show in the browser. But when I revert back to older version of PHP and mySQL, the errors will appear on the browser.

Is this compatibility problem or I missed out some configuration step ?

Thank in advance

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