I am trying to submit data and saving it to the database queries are inserting properly but the problem is that when I try to insert the data the message column Let suppose i Type in Hello World! In data base it show as undefined whhy is that so i place a code in ajax tp check the return data and in that data the message columns is showing the same

Here is the html

<div class="reply"> <textarea class="messages" id="messages" name="messages">

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the value of user_1 and user_2 is adding into the database properly

  1. We don't know what user_1 and/or user_2 are.
  2. Post complete HTML form.
  3. Post JS/AJAX code used.
  4. Post PHP code used.

How to ask.

I posted complete ajax code but the bost was automatically edit and everything is gone I will repost it again

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