This also involves (what i think) advance flash knowledge (or not). Look at this website: http://www.navigaya.com/main.php you see it has a music player as well as many other things. Can someone make something that is just the music player part? I know it woudl take a while but it woudl be awesome. If someone already knows of a player like this tell me. I want one that has a playlist i choose to play with a music video i choose.


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I want it to be how it is int he link i posted above. Except just the music player part. And maybe some sort of way to select a song from a list of songs.


Well.... i think you didnt understood navigaya features very well...

you can do this inside navigaya - create your playlists music videos and play them!!!!! + much more features!

check the "naviguide"icon, which will show you how to do it (very simple).


I want to be able to embed just the music player into my website that loads the songs from something like an XML file.

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