Hello i want to put some html content on a lightbox pop up window, not just an image i use this script

<a class="example-image-link" href="img/demopage/image-2.jpg" data-lightbox="example-2'cxxzxzzx'" data-title="Optional caption.'cxxzxzzx'"><img class="example-image" src="img/demopage/image-2.jpg" alt="image-1"/></a>

this pop ups image2.jpg i want the window to show some html content like this

<div > <span>html content</span><br /><br><br><br> </div> <hr /> <h3 style="clear: both;">ffff</h3>
            and so on

any suggestions?

I haven't used this but Fancybox looks to let you put HTML code in that popup. Said HTML could have an image from the looks of things.

i use colorbox too. But i was wondering if i could use lightbox instead for html content