I have started learning ASP.Net Web application.
While saving first project ,it should show localhost name in the **location ** box.
But it shows normal project folder present in C: path.
I have also set up IIS Services.
OS is Windows 8.1.
ASP.Net is 4.5 and 3.5 also.
When I try to run inetmgr in run command ,it shows "Windows cannot find inetmgr .Make sure you typed the name correctly".
Please tell me the solution.

Is the inetmgr.exe file in C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv ?
Does your PATH include that folder?

I'll pause here since checking folders and pathes are skills you should have already.

Yes inetmgr.exe file is in C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv

@lamatuer. That's 1 of 2 answers. Check your PATH.

rprotfitt :
Can you be bit clear please?
If you are talking about setting same path in environment variables then yes I have done it.
And this does not solve the question I have asked here.

You could share the path, as well as open a CMD prompt to cd to that folder and start the .exe.

All skill levels are out there. I can't know if you have the basic skills of the command line or can read the path or even if you know how to check the path. Right or wrong I'll take it you have the basic skills since you are or were running IIS.

I have basic skills of all the things you mentioned here.

Then you opened a command window (I would run CMD) to cd to the folder and then run the .exe. This would tell us a bit more than the above. You didn't share how you checked the path or what the path was. So back to basics.

I have checked path in cmd as well as in folder format.Both gives same result !!!!

You should let the forum see that path as well as try the old CD to the folder and starting it from the cmd line. Your reply doesn't tell me you did what I asked.

Did you try the old uninstall and reinstall as well?