I wasnt sure exactly what forum to put this in so i choose PHP since WordPress is made with PHP.

I'm looking to have a video player on my website. Playlist so to speak but I also want "speed control" of the videos like youtube has. When the "speed" of the videos are changed i dont want it to affect the playback. I attached two images to show what as an example. It seems the songs change when the speed is increased or decreated but the playback isnt affected. There is also a dropdown menu that changes the channels, but none of this seems to affect the loading speed as the videos are linked together? Meaning there is no page loading. Only a video loading button.

I want to do these two things on my website, with wordpress. Ive serached for plugins on wordpress.org, codecanyon..etc but couldnt find anything that accomplishes this.

Anyone have any ideas or can lead me in the right direction?




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Could be wrong directoin but a long time ago in HTML5 I implemented speed control. It's done with a little javascript and there are numorous examples if I google: How to change the playing speed of videos in HTML5?

I was reading similar stuff before, but what about implinting it with wordpress? Do you think i should just use a standard html plugin or the WP video player and change the code around?

Thanks rpoffitt, appreciate the quick reply

I dont write code but i can understand a lot of it, besies javascript, figures right? Haha..That first link you send i am literally reading that right now lol

Let me see what I can do, thank you

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