Hi, I am not familiar in google map.

I want like this,
My map page reloads after every 10 seconds. when I load map page it will just show the map with the given static latitude and longitude.
after 10 seconds, it will plot the available vehicles from mysql table.

But my question is, when the page loads first , I want to display one message(Ex:Requesting Server....) .After 10 seconds, before plotting vehicle, I want to display another message(Ex:Requesting Done.)

How to do?

If you have a map loaded, then the page should have the massge display inside said a "div" element with an ID (so you can call it replace the content later), then wait. Either before or after you plot vehicle on the map, edit the message content in the display to whatever you want.

I can't explain any better... You need to show us your code section where you display the map and/or edit on the page.

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