Is there any other solution to use map but not google map, which works in offline also?

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The key to this kingdom is understanding the map stack. Modern online mapping applications all adhere to this architecture, which winds up in your user’s browser as the click-and-draggable view of the world we all know and love (the view, not always the world). There are four major layers in the map stack, from the highest to lowest level.

HereMaps, is a downloadable application with fully offline maps for I* and *Android
The Windows10 Mapps app is HereMaps
All GPS companies make such apps, that's what a gps IS
Be aware that offlline maps of any substantial area are LARGE, the world in HereMaps offline maps occupies 145GB at a not-very-high detail level
. . many devices do not have much storage (i have TBs of storage so it seemed ok to DL the whole world mapset)
Be aware that offline maps are not searchable in any way similar to google maps, content is strictly limited.
Google maps rely on Google's index for elevated content, & require online access to function

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