How To connet mssql to php please please please help meeee.
I'll wait for you guys to answer

Hi Guys. whenever the connecting code in PHP to MSSQL error comes when I can

fatal error call to undefined function mssql_connect()

please please please guys help meee.

I think php_mssql.dll file is missing. Are you using XAMPP server? or Some other

Iam using XAMMP 5.6 Sarver .

Try the below and let me know

    $objConnect = mssql_connect("localhost","sa","");
    //$objConnect = mssql_connect($host,$user,$pass);

    //$host = server,ip,computer-name
    //$user = user
    //$pass = password
        echo "Database Connected.";
        echo "Database Connect Failed.";

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No man is not running this code.

What should I do now. This project is very important

Check your phpinfo file. For your mssql is enabled

ok i will check

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