guys can you teach me how to construct a code for developing my website. for example i have a list of different symptoms of a banana diseases which is a checkboxes,if i checked one of the symptoms,my system will analyzed or calculate that information based on what i have checked. so how? because i am developing an expert system for diagnosing diseases of a banana. guys help me..iam a 4thyear student and that is my study.

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thanks for giving me this info. . .i will try..

Cool. Do research, try some examples and if you run into trouble, post here (include your code snippets, describe where you got stuck). We'll be glad to help. Happy coding.

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Just posted on your other thread. You need to provide us with your html, mysql tables etc. This is a bit vague.

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My approach would be to have a table of diseases. A separate table for symptoms. And a link table for these with a ranking number e.g. 10 for always present, 1 for very rarely present. Then you can tot up the scores and find the most likely candidates for each set of symptoms.


disease_symptoms: disease_id | symptom_id | occurrence (1-10)

If certain banana strains are only prone to certain diseases or to differing degrees, you could include another table (strains) in the setup.

iam a 4thyear student

and you still don't understand basic relationships ? What were those 4 years about ? Yes I could help you but probably you wouldn't to, because it envolves learning and as we all figured out you don't like that. But if you really want help give us your code (are you trying ?)

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