Hello Web Developer,

This is working

<form class="frm" action="">
    <select onChange="window.location.href=this.value">
        <option value=""> </option>
        <option value="../wxmaps/glob/glob_rrpf.html" href target="wxmdisp">Precip + MSLP</option>
        <option value="../wxmaps/glob/glob_rrwf.html" href target="wxmdisp">[Parameter2]</option>

the problem is when I click one item on the drop down list it appear to the same window.

I have a frame name "wxmdisp" all of the href links go there

But in this drop down I can't manage to open it to the frame "wxmdisp"

Please help

Thank you and God Bless


The option tag doesn't have a href and a target attribute.

Any other way so I can call it to my frameset?

Yeah, by not using framesets!
I don't know what you are loading in that frameset, but you can load/switch content in a div tag (for example) with AJAX (plus perhaps HTML5 History API for better UX).

Hello Sir Gentlemedia

I'm a begginer in the world of programming, I don't know AJAX or HTML5 History API

can I use only notepad?

if frameset can't do it, iframe can? I search and found out iframe can do it

I was trying it yet not doing right.

what's in the drop down list is look like a link that if I choose one item

it will show in the iframe. I don't want to have many links in my side menu

so I come up to have a drop down.

Thank you and God Bless