Hey, i just joined this place because i really need a job... i dont expect alot of money, however i have sold my codes for over $800, i am looking for any size job any amount of time, pretty much anything.. i am young but i have been coding for over 5 years, most of my experience lies within RPG like outwar (www.outwar.com - didint code any of that im saying stuff similar to that) however, my knowledge isnt solely on that type of php... i know CSS, Javascript, HTML, SQL, and PHP so I can do any of the layout or the raw code you need, send me a private messege if you are interested or send me an email @ terlnorris@ptmc.net I would love to show you some of my work.. but three games coded by me have just recently folded.. witch is why I need work seeing as im no longer being paid to upkeep them.
I dont want like a physicall go to work type job, just something over the internet of course seing as i cant move around, but just get ahold of me and we can talk about that kind of stuff..

You posted this message in the wrong forum. This is for PHP questions, not job seeking. Take a look at some of the other forums, like the Webmaster Marketplace.