So, I've some free time in December and want to make a web-app that lets people login, put books they've read, review the books they've read etc. But, I'm not sure how and where to start? What Languages/Frameworks to use? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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What Languages/Frameworks to use?

If your goal is to create an application rather than learning a new language/framework, then use what you know best.

where to start?

You could start by doing some research about external books APIs: like public libraries or like commercial sites as Amazon, to get automatic information about books like: descriptions, images, sample chapters and selling details. Then start by designing the database and by defining the available application actions and views.

For example: if you save the books by the ISBN code, then you could show all reviews made by users for a particular book. So, in order to allow such, you would need a page that displays the book information and all connected reviews, and the information about users that reviewed that resource. From here you can start building what is needed: table for books, table for users, table for reviews. And the sections of the application in which list, insert, modify or delete such data.


What.s your experience?

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