i need help, i want to create a smart auto complete using a text box, it fill clients names from client database, is it any way to create those without jquery, thanks

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to cereal, thanks for yur response, but what i mean is, how to create it, whithout using jquery,
to be honest, i never used Jquery, can u show me how to use , or plug the jquery to php, many thanks


In short you need a script that can receive a GET request, filter it and use it to perform a query, in which case would be something like:

SELECT `last_name` FROM `clients` WHERE `last_name` LIKE 'LETTER%' ORDER BY `last_name`, `first_name` LIMIT 10;

Where 'LETTER%' would be a placeholder for a prepared statement, i.e. this :last_name and defined in PHP as:

$data[':last_name'] = $input . '%';


I prefer autocomplete.js as with JQuery you have to add the UI library and what followes: styles, images and more code, but it's your choice:

Have you tried something? If affirmative, paste it here, so we can suggest you how to continue, if needed.

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