I have a stupid problem with jquery,
On my htmlpage I have a div with id intakegesprekDates and when I try to add an element to it with jquery like this

$("#intakegesprekDates").append("<div class='row form-group'><label>Datum gesprek</label>"+
                        "<div class='col-md-2'><input type='text' class='form-control' id='txtIntakeGesprek' name='txtIntakeGesprek'></input></div></div>");


My elements are shown in te wrong order, I first get the inputfield and then the label but I expect the label first and then the inputfield.
If I copy the div to my htmlpage then shows my browsers (IE11 and Firefox) it in the correct order first the label and the inputfield.

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Works fine for me. Check your CSS. Maybe some float stuff going on.

Thanks fort the hint, It's probably because of the bootstrap I use

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