Website is exclusively built with .click(), onclick="" and alikes. I'd like to use a plugin that there is out in the world, which would allow me to use custom scrollbar to scroll content of a lengthy <div>. I've tested about 6, whom 1 didn't work (maybe I just can't read), 4 broke it visually (by adding 4 own <div>'s) and there's that one that does work, but produces self-referal link.

Imagine a scroller, heck imagine this website, if you hover over a link, you see link indicator on bottom left or bottom right corner, right? It shows you address it's pointing to. Well, if I went to, and used the plugin, hovering over the scroller, will point me to "", link changes to cursor: pointer and while clicking does nothing. It still bothers me. Website is rather dark in design and the menu is at the bottom of the page attached as position: fixed. It really destroys "the mood". I would really need plugin not to be able to create a link.

I would need to return no href, each time user would hover over the scrollbar. The script that is attached to the website is minified, so I deminified it here (using websites):
There are couple href and a mentionings but I don't know what would cause it to produce a virtual link. I tried commenting out the hrefs but some have no (directly visible) effect, and some break script leaving it unusable.

What I do notice, is that the scroller (tracker, the thing we click on) looks something like this <a href class="vertical-handle" style="position: absolute; z-index: 1; height: 100.523px; top: 96.4948px;"><div class="top"></div><div class="bottom"></div></a>. There's an empty href and removing it manually (by Inspect Element) does solve the issue. I could somehow find a way to tell "remove to href data-handles from XYZ", but I'd rather solve the cause, rather than the issue. Could someone tell me which line adds this href? If I would focus one just couple lines, maybe I then will be able to figure out how avoid the creation instead of just blindly deleting it.


Could someone tell me which line adds this href?

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I guess the Code from Line339 to Line405 in the given link ( is causing the link to appear. Try after removing the lines.

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