i have an online gallery i used blueimp plugin to get the good features in it like lightbox and touch support ...
you can look on it here : www.aburaga.com
as you see its a big cakes gallery with many categories and pagination ( i built it with codeigniter/php ),
now when you click on a thumbnail image of any cake blueimp lightbox will appear showing you same image but larger version ,
with small dots on the bottom center of the light box for you to move forth and backward other images that reside in the page ,
now when you reach last image blueimp configured to show you first image from beginning like cycling through the images back and forth
, my question here is as follows , as you see my gallery isnt just 10 images in one page , most categories of the galleries has much more pages and images , what i should do in order to make blueimp pagination synched with my gallery pagination ? so when the user reach last image in the current page through blueimp lightbox and he want to see next image i need blueimp to show him next images reside in the next page and same thing if he press reverse arrow , and when the user closes the blueimp lightbox he should be redirected to the current page he reached through navigating in blueimp lightbox so it will reflect the actions he did in blueimp in the background (real site).
thank you.

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I think if you add more hidden links like this one:

<a class="thumbnail" href=" http://aburaga.com/assets/images/products/1430.jpg" title="88" data-gallery>

in the right place, that the popup will the other images too.

As for returning to the page you were on, no idea. Am sure some javascript trickery (using the slide event) can be achieved by including the page number in the gallery links.

thanks , in other words i need to synchronize the blueimp lightbox slide to display all images found in the opened category in the products gallery , so if the slide reach after the last product or before the first product in the current page it should load next or previous page products if available and when the slide is closed he will see the original page that he started using the slide from.

Yes. The only thing the popup looks for are the links, they do not have to be visible. You can use the slide event to keep track of the currently selected image, so when it closes you can switch to the right page.

yes but im asking how to do that ....

I'd have to look into this specifically. Not sure when I have time to create an example. Hope in the meantime someone else is able to help out.

thanks ...

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