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If you have 5 items and then loop 0 to 5. That's one too many.

Your choice of -1 or change i<= to i< whichever you can wrap your head around. The right way would be to drop the = sign but the key item is for you to think of the array count is one number and arrays start at zero so think about that.

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That's the same code as above. Sorry but you need to think about your for loop harder.

An array of 5 items is indexed from 0 to 4. You have it from 0 to 5 so that's not 5 but 6. Keep thinking, you'll get it soon.


So is this a new issue? Your topic is "i have 5 imges and lightgallery shows 6 images." If you have a new issue, state it in a new thread so we can tackle that.

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