Ok so im looking to create a simple booking system as part of my Final Year Project. I have a locally hosted mySQL database created and linked to using php. I have created a databse called reservations with 3 tablels (Available, reserves and confirms). Basically what I am looking to achieve is that a user can reserve a room from a list of say 6, and confirm the reservation with payment (just for asthetics, will not be functional) but if they dont confirm within a set amount of time the reservation is cancelled and that room is once again available to any other user looking to make a booking. Any help would be appreciated.

Make some effort to code this yourself first. As a bit of advice, use PHP as the object-oriented (C++ like) language that it is. Create your classes with the member variables and methods you need. Build up strings with the html and javascript you want the client to process, and then emit them as needed. Most examples of PHP on the internet are totally bogus crap and will lead you down the path to web perdition!

FYI, I used PHP extensively at Nokia - even wrote a cell phone emulator with it. I used this approach and had a functional emulator in a couple of months, including the time to reverse-engineer the protocols the phones used to talk with our servers. Let's just say that consistent and solid documentation on that was "sparse"... :-) I also used PHP to develop very sophisticated performance tools used by our QA department to test phone firmware and capture the data to a MySQL database for off-line analysis by the QA manager. It reduced his time to generate the data and reports for a new firmware from a couple of weeks to a couple of days, greatly increasing the efficiency of his department. People could use my software to pull up very complex graphs, charts, and tables detailing many performance metrics for various phone models and firmware that they used since it was all stored in that MySQL database. I used PHP for the server-side processing and database I/O; html, css, and javascript for the client data display.

FWIW, the php.net web site has very extensive reference documentation, and some decent examples of usage of the language. In my efforts at Nokia, I found it invaluable. Decent search capabilities included.

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maybe the schema could take a tweak:

rooms (id | descriptions etc)
reservations (id | room_id | date_from | date_to | reservation_datetime | confirmed etc)
payments (id | reservation_id | pay_date | pay_amount | pay_method etc)

Dunno, up to you.