I'm currently working on a website; crafterguide.azurewebsites.net; and I was woundering how to get the best possible login/register/logout page, how get it where when someone creates/log's in to a(n) account that it redirects them to a profile page, and just some feed back and critisizum. And lastly how to get it eventualy were people can buy account upgrades.

I'd avoid duplicate posts and dredging up 7 year old posts. Next avoid "best" because you have a lot of criteria to get to the best. You may be stuck in analysis paralysis.

About getting people to buy account upgrades. Is anyone buying these today? Ask why they did that.

Oh ok then thanks but I'm still having trouble with getting some of the login stuff to work and redirect to a profile page. And how to add server lists. Lastly (sorry I'm a little formal) how to get it posted and some other website type stuff.(yep I'm new to it)

You created a dupicate post. I posted a reponse on the first one asking for more evidence of your requirements. In case you missed it:

What solutions have you looked at so far? What's your knowledge / experience with PHP? Have you thought about where your client data will be stored, and do you know how to access that through PHP?

We would love to help you, but without a little more information and some evidence that you've already attempted something, it's very difficult for anyone to give you ideas or working code.

My knowledge of PHP is very low and I'm really not sure what you mean by the client data. Also sorry for the duplicate post don't know how I did that. I've tried to link my SQL database to my site but I don't know all the nessicary codes and connection strings to properly connect to save data. My ultimate goal is to have coded a site similar in function to this one, and to get more experienced with the different types of coding out there.

@Carsten. Why not forget coding from scratch since you want to be known for your Crafting site and not as a web site with problems that you deal with rather than your Crafting passion?

Take a read of https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-is-wrong-with-phpbb/3763/3 and you see the usual Discource, PHPBB and others kicked around. I remember a discussion here on DaniWeb about why this or that was used, not used, why custom and more. But the author has a long background in software, system design and more.

So taking your requirement for memberships, I used this google. https://www.google.com/#q=discourse+paid+subscriptions which turns up what integrates with what.

My suggestion is to not code your own forum. Use the ready to use stuff so you can focus on your clients rather than your backend.

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