Hello, I ask your help in order to use this class. I need your explicit example is the code and form to use it properly.


$upload = new ImageOperations();

and the correct form. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Man, you could get lucky and someone that already used this class could come in an give it all on a platter to you, but's that unlikely.

You should attempt to use it on your own and if you fail, then you come explain what happend and post your code so even people that never used the class can maybe find bugs in your code.

You need to show effort if you want other people to help you.

I mean, look at me, i'm here taking time giving you a lesson on basic learning instead of reading about the class you asked =)

Give it a go!

I could not have said it better @AleMonteiro! I too am giving you a "thumbs-up" for your response.

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