Sup fellas...another Can I pass my jsp as the contents of a email message.

The way we send email around here is we set the parameters of a form into a DB table and a cron job sends the emails out

String address= ""        String name = request.getParameter("name");
	String accountName = userData.getAcctName();
	String email = request.getParameter("email");
	String description = request.getParameter("description");
	String benefit = request.getParameter("benefit");
	//This is the body of the email
	String message = "Enhancement suggestion from:" + "\n\n";
	message += "Name: " + name + "\n";
	message += "Email: " + email + "\n";
	message += "Account: " + username + "\n\n";
	message += "Description: " + description + "\n\n";
    message += "Benefit: " + benefit;
   OutgoingMessage msg = new OutgoingMessage();
   msg.setSubject("Preferred Pages Enhancement Suggestion");

any suggestions on how to set a whole form as the "message"


>how Can I pass my jsp as the contents of a email?

Yes, after all jsp page is also a text file. Attachment of jsp page or assign the content of jsp to message body.

attachment to message body? ...a little confused as to how to do that

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