I am creating a dynamic Form, which is like a registration form on my website.The text fields needs to accept and allow multiple entries .since i am a beginner and i am not sure on how to start ..i already created my html code and form has working fine for single values but to accept multiple entries i dont know where to start and what php coding styles like arrays on all to start with ..

please can anyone advised or just start with me any coding example so i can picture on whats i needs to do..

What exactly do you mean by "The text fields needs to accept and allow multiple entries"?

Well, a multiline text box could do that. And your PHP parses the text to what final use you have in mind. There doesn't seem to be much going on here except you may have forgotten about text box options when you crafted your web page.

@hericles, what i mean there a Two textbox. eg DOB and passengers name to accept multiple entries from the user.if a family comes for registration and do bookings,they come up with their families, so for both textbox we can say when one user filled the form its like this
eg: Father
Passengers Name 1

Passengers 2

Passengers 3

Here Iam not sure and i dont know how to picture it on what i should start..All i come up with is that i should create a littile save button under this two text fields, so when a one user already filled the form it should hit a save button to start storing this values...I end up here but as i said i dont know on how to start and what to do as i said from the top, i need a coding example or some solution to desscribe what i want
so when their Click on Submit button all this values should displayed and fall under their Registration IDS.


Where to start.

A design. Sketch out the process first. It sounds like you got ahead of yourself and don't have a solid design yet. Stop coding and restart your design process.

What you can do is add a button to add more text fields. Then, using jQuery, whenever the button is pressed add a new div into the page below the existing one. In that way you can have an infinitely growing list of text boxes but you're never showing more than the user needs.
You have to handle all of those new dynamic inputs when posting the form but that's hard.

Please can you provide a demo code style as i am also new to jquery