I have to execute a very long time script in php, during the execution the browser still waiting.
There is any way to "tell" the browser to stop waiting as the page was completed ? but obviously the sript must continue

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You can initiate a PHP program in many many ways. Probably what you are asking is to initiate a program that will run in the background on a user request. Is that what you want ?

the script starts with http request http://myserver/long_script/
here I want to tell the browser the "page" is completed but the script still run until completed

as I know he flow is
user type in url browser send to web server starts the script
the script will run until:
-has completed
-time limit isreached
the script will stop if user click on stop page unless you set ignore user abort

I would have the same action browser stop the page but the script still run (wo user interaction)

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