What are the areas of improvements which should be covered in next PHP stable release PHP 8?

Hi, I don't think PHP 8 exists at all at this point. Where did you read about it?

That is very advance to php8.

I had to do a bunch of code remediation for PHP 5.5.x with their http output handling (totally broken). Don't know about later versions as I haven't had the time or resources to analyze the code. My guess is that a lot of that has continued, but I cannot say definitively. Definitely not a project for the faint-of-heart, and those who cannot analyze complex C/C++ macros without becoming comatose...

This is a very theoretical question , PHP 7 is promising big surprises in later sub version , so lets see those first. PHP 7 isn't as powerful as it was advertised , in many ways things went the wrong way in my opinion (e.g. threads) in other aspects it isn't what PHP is “namespaces” the problem is how PHP is used. There is a tendency in OOP languages to mix functional programming (Java lambdas were a clear sign) , it may seem like moving backwards but it is just the reflex to extremely complex unnecessary code (of course programmers made that , and not OOP by itself). PHP is great at mixing programming paradigms , in PHP 7 you can see this backward injection of functional programming in what ever was OOP programming in PHP. Of course all that (and not only in PHP) will create a very complex jungle with messy code . So I don't know if it will be in PHP 8 or even if it will be PHP but the next big thing that I am waiting is a re examination of what OOP is with the moto “keep it as simple as possible” at the center.