Here are two latest Firefox's screenshot of my latest project. On Microsoft Windows 7 and Linux Ubuntu 14.04LTS.
Couple things of concern:
- I aligned both screenshots so that logo's (blurred) align perfectly from first pixel.
- Even though it looks like barely 100 pixels overhead, Windows' menu takes about 60% of vertical space while Linux's (wanted result) takes 30% (both visually proximate values). It really does look horrible on Windows. I could fix it, but then it would look terrible on Linux, vice versa with Mac.

My code in it's entirety: http://pastebin.com/BHY7vc2B
NOTE, I have included reset.css from MeyerWeb, to fix any issue, but... yea...

How and why? I also noticed that background, it has slightly different colors (Linux has a little bit more purple)... I don't even.

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Concerning the color: it can be different due to the monitor calibration, you should calibrate in both systems to get the same results.


Hahahahaha! I'm an idiot.

I was zoomed in at 90% in Linux's Firefox... they look identical now. The reason why I didn't look at it before is because I don't remember zooming-in/out in this 1-day old Linux installation.

Sorry for your time.

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