When our template goes mobile it has two compacted menus. Any idea how I can get rid of the top one? The one under the logo is correct, the one above is some left over code I can't seem to find.

You can see them here with a mobile phone or most small tablets:


I have an image but don't see how to upload it here.


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There must be some reference to slicknav in your code somewhere, you need to fnd and remove it, but in the meantime you can always hide it by editing your custom style sheet.
.slicknav_menu {display: none!important;}
That will hide the entire dark grey strip the menu button is in


I looked at that link on my Android phone and on a W8 Firefox laptop and they were identical. Maybe a bum link?

Nope. Finally saw it. The "MENU" with the hamburger to the right? That's not in the page source so check your includes.

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The HTML of that slicknav_menu section gets added dynamically by jquery.slicknav.min.js (I think) and it's not in use by your theme, so you can just delete (or comment out first) the slicknav related js and css files from your HTML.

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