first off, i've never been to web development.
I'm developing my personal website where, for some purpose , i need to display some math figures. And somebody suggested me to use mathjax for this purpose. i tried it on my own. it works. but i see some font-size related issues.
Here is what i did.
I add the library using this :

<script type="text/javascript" async
  src=""> </script>

then i put the maths text in body section. like this

\(x={72^2-{\sqrt{53^2}}\over 25}\)

when i see it in the browser , it shows the maths figures but in very small font.

when i used the following , it showed it in the size what i want

$$x={72^2-{\sqrt{53^2}}\over 25}$$

So , here my question is : what is the difference between these two syntax

\(x={72^2-{\sqrt{53^2}}\over 25}\) [syntax 1]
$$x={72^2-{\sqrt{53^2}}\over 25}$$ [syntax 2]

And how to increase the font size using the [syntax 1]

thanks in advance.

From their documentation page:

The default math delimiters are $$...$$ and [...] for displayed mathematics, and (...) for in-line mathematics.

FYI: The text editor here stripped out the \'s from the quote.
The displayed mathematics, your syntax 2, are designed to break the equation out of the page and display it bigger, brighter, better.
The in-line is designed to include the equation in the current line of text, hence using the default text size for a line of text on the page.

If you wanted to use syntax 1 you would need to include some CSS:
And the equation for that is: <span style="font-size: 32px;">\(x={72^2-{\sqrt{53^2}}\over 25}\)</span>

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