Can someone assist me on how to do a mouse over on a hyperlink that shows what the user selected on the page they just left or saved. For example, the user clicks a link that says 'Add' and it opens a popup window where they select a list of items that have checkboxes, they check the items they want and then they click save to close the popup and they return to the original page. The user then hovers over another link that says 'Edit' and it shows them what they selected on the popup page. Can this be done and if so how?

Hello Marcus_3,
Of course and it can be done through AJAX calls. Have you used AJAX in the past ?

No I haven't used AJAX. Do you have an example?

I don't even know what language you use server side , read some things first and make your own experiments and if you have any specific question here we are

Ok i still have some issues with javascript and html but im sure that it can be something similer to this .

<a href="" onmouseover="PrevURL()">last URL</a>
<div id="OldURL"></div>
function PrevURL()
    var prev = document.referrer;
    document.getElementById("OldURL").innerHTML = prev;

in the above code when you hover over Last URL it will call ( PrevURL function ) and what the function does is get the prev page url and save it inside a variable , that variable will be replaced in side the div OldURL . I know its not the right answer for your Q but i think that this will gives you an idea about how it can be work .